pour over vs french press

Pour-over coffee vs french press

After receiving the fresh batch of roasted coffee beans, all you need to do is decide whether you want a pour-over coffee or French press coffee. In both ways, the coffee remains in a distinct texture and flavor. One can’t classify any one of the coffee to be best and another to be average. It is because different people have different tastes and preferences. Similarly, coffee lovers also have a different preference for the coffee taste, texture, and flavor.

When you’re not able to decide your coffee preference, you can find a solution by learning about the merits and demerits related to both pour-over coffee and French press coffee. Both the coffee making options are amazing and result in a distinct coffee texture and flavor. In this content, you’ll get to know about the coffee, which suits your taste and preference.


Merits and Demerits associated with pour-over coffee

In the pour-over coffee method, one of the eye-catching merits is the grit-free coffee drink. If you like to enjoy a smooth cup of coffee, then this is a perfect method for you. It would help make just like a normal drip brewing coffee. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the pour-over coffee method wins over the French pressing method. For cleaning purposes, you don’t need to dismantle all the mechanisms of pour-over coffee when you’re making 1-2 cups of coffee.

With the pour-over coffee method, you won’t be able to enjoy a rich and intense coffee flavor. It is because the pour-over coffee method lacks in terms of immersion. This immersion is suitable for the ones who wish to enjoy a light cup of coffee. On the contrary, strong coffee loves won’t enjoy the taste of a pour-over coffee.

Merits and Demerits associated with French press coffee

If you’re the one who wishes to enjoy a bold cup of coffee with a strong and rich texture, then it is best to choose the French pass tool. In this method of coffee brewing, the oil in the coffee beans is extracted from the deeper grounds that results in the intense coffee flavor. For the customization idea lovers too, it is easy to serve options available.

One common limitation with the French press is the grit presence. Using the filter, it is easy to separate the heavy grounds. Though, some tiny grounds may get into the coffee. As a result, it might flavour your coffee with a gritty taste. With some products, it is advertised that this issue can be solved. Since after the constant use of such filter systems, you are wearing down is a cause which might result in some grits in the coffee.

No doubt, one won’t have to make hard-sweated efforts in using this tool, and it is a hassle-free process. But the cleaning story stands in a different queue. It is required to clean all the parts of the mechanism separately, which might demand much time and effort.


In the end, one can select the preferable coffee depending upon texture or taste. If you’re the one who likes a bolder coffee texture, then you don’t need to conduct much finessing on it. For this purpose, it is suitable to choose the French press tool. Among different models available in the market, some might fully reduce the grits, or some might work partially. This is the main characteristic linked with the French press tool. On the contrary, the coffee lovers who wish to get a thin and smooth texture, it is best to use the pour-over coffee. It is all upon the coffee lover whether he or she wants to have a smooth cup of joy or a light cup of coffee.

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