Among many people, white coffer remains a part of daily habit. Though, it comes with a list of drawbacks too. Coffee is not good for your teeth and makes it look stained. Due to the coffee’s high acidic nature, it doesn’t even fit as a good thing for a sensitive stomach. Luckily, one can get rid of the high acidic nature and enjoy drinking coffee freely. If you’re looking for some ways which can help you make low acid coffee, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Select a low-acidic coffee

When you look after the coffee advertisement, you can learn about the acid content in it. Often, solvent or steam processing is done over some coffee beans to minimize the acidic presence from it. Though, you can also find some natural low acidic coffee beans due to the climatic conditions wherein the beans grew. If you’ve acidity issues, then you can look for a low-acidic coffee.

Generally, two marketing terms used to identify the low-acidic coffees, including stomach-friendly or mild coffee. In regions such as India, Brazil, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Sumatra, the coffees are in a low-acidic form naturally.

Dark roasted coffee can be a better option.

In comparison to lightly roasted coffee, dark roasted coffee including French or Italian roast is available in less acidic nature. It is because of roasting results in chemical changes in the coffee. The longer the roasting, the less the acid remains in the coffee. It is a better option to choose the dark roasted coffee, and you can prepare it in any way.

Often, dark roasted coffee results in low acid secretion in the body, so it is a better choice over the lightly roasted cold brew coffee. If you don’t like the taste of dark roast coffee, then you can avoid getting a different taste by adding a small portion of it.

Use eggshells with the coffee grounds

It is also one of the most-proven methods which can reduce the coffee’s acidic nature. If you want to try something new, you can prepare some fresh eggshells. Before brewing your coffee, you can add the eggshells into the coffee grounds. Generally, eggshells are considered to be alkaline which works beneficial to neutralize the acid from the coffee. You can use the filter to avoid any eggshell pieces from the coffee.

Rely on the low acid brewing method

When you indulge in the coffee brewing method, it can be beneficial in minimizing the acidic presence in the coffee if you’re using a filter paper. Many times, people think that reusable filters work well to eliminate the acid from the coffee in the brewing process. But this won’t work with 100% assurance.

Coarsely grounded coffee is less acidic.

When you use the coffee beans which are finely grounded, it extracts the acid from the beans throughout brewing. If you want to minimize the acid from the coffee, it is good to rely upon coarsely grounded coffee. You might be curious to know whether a fine, medium or extra-fine coffee would be good for your stomach or not. You can try the medium grounded coffee to see whether it suits your stomach or not. For the other two options, it is better to avoid it for sensitive stomachs.


The highly acidic coffee turns out to be less in terms of flavor and also links to resulting in acid reflux problems. Some people with sensitive stomach also face acidity issues due to high acidic coffee. Though you can find the right solution to reduce the acidic nature and you need not stop enjoying your coffee.

In the content above, all the mentioned tips and methods can be beneficial when you want to enjoy a less acidic coffee. If one of the methods don’t work well, you can try another. It is best to rely upon different methods to reduce acidic nature since it can help you enjoy coffee without acidity issues.