How to make cold brew coffee in a french press

If you have always wondered how to make an excellent cup of cold brew coffee on your own without having to spend a lot of money each day, you’ve come to the right place. It is not hard at all and using a French press; we teach you how to make the most delicious, rich cup of cold brew coffee to soothe your taste buds in five easy steps along with the tips and tricks by top baristas and the best cold brew coffee to buy, all in one place!

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How to Cold Brew Using French Press

A specific technique is to be taken under consideration while making cold brew coffee in a french press for a delicious taste. Here are the ingredients and the recipe in detail to make the most scrumptious coffee that you’ve ever tasted, all on your own! Just follow these easy steps and sit back and enjoy the taste!


  • Six ounces of freshly ground coffee
  • Twenty-eight ounces of cold water
  • French press
  • Fine mesh strainer

To make cold brew coffee in a french press follow the exact steps below:

  1. Add the measured amounts of coffee grounds to the French press along with cold water. (Do not press the plunger of the French press just yet.)
  2. Place the French press in a cold place for about twelve to fifteen hours; a refrigerator can be used. (The concentration depends on how long you let it sit.)
  3. When the required time has passed, push down the plunger.
  4. You can use a strainer, we recommend a fine mesh one, to strain the coffee out with so no particles or coffee grounds seep into your cold brew coffee.
  5. You can add milk (dairy or non-dairy, according to your preference), sugar, syrups, and flavorings to suit your taste.

how to make cold brew in a french press

Tips and Tricks for The Most Flavorsome Cold Brew Coffee

We’ve gathered some most useful tips from your favorite baristas from all over the world so that you can whip up your rich cold brew coffee yourself that is even better in taste than store-bought coffee. Here are their suggestions.

  1. The first recommendation for the most delicious cold brew coffee is always to buy a scale and use it to measure the exact concentrate of both ground coffee and water before adding them to the French press.
  2. Use a grinder! If you don’t have one, then you need to invest in one because it’s worth every penny. It will not only enrich the taste but also help in not over-extracting the cold brewing coffee.
  3. Always use a medium course to a coarse grind as how your cold brew will end up tasting majorly depends on it as well as the quality of the grind.
  4. It is often recommended not to use fine ground coffee or grind it extremely fine. This type of grind can cause a muddy cup as the fines are easily able to pass through and would end up clogging your filter.
  5. Water quality and temperature play an important role aside from how you brew your coffee. If you want to have hot coffee, you can dilute the concentrate with hot water to make a cup of brewed hot coffee.
  6. Always use a good amount of coffee and a good quality of coffee beans, preferably medium ground.
  7. A standard recommendation is to always warm up the pot or French press before brewing for a better-tasting brewed coffee.
  8. Do not stir your coffee; let it sit in the French press.

Ratio of Coffee to Water

 Water to coffee ratio holds a massive significance on how your brewed coffee will taste, whether it would be mild or strong. For a rich cup of cold brew coffee, we recommend keeping the Water-to-Coffee Ratio to about 15:1. For example, if you are taking forty grams of coffee, you would have to add 600 grams of water. You can also add 1-2 ice cubes to get the iced coffee.

Water Temperature

 Water temperature holds great value in how your cold brew coffee will end up tasting. We recommend the water to be added in the French press to be about 202 F for the best taste.

How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last?

Usually, cold brew coffee in the refrigerator is long-lasting as it lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks. Coffees do not tend to mold at the same ratio as other common beverages or as fast. But for getting a better, more appetizing taste and for it to last longer, you should keep it in the refrigerator.

Our Coffee Recommendation

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Final Words

Now, you know how to make cold brew coffee, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try to make it using the french press cold brew coffee recipe, I have written above and see for yourself! You would not regret it. And you can thank us later! If you want to read more about the best french press coffee brands then click here.

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