5 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

You don't need a high-end coffee machine to get the most delicious cup of coffee at the convenience of your home. If you haven't had the best coffee in a while, you need to get started with brewing with the best pour-over coffee maker.

The best part about the pour-over coffee maker is that you will be able to control what quantity of coffee you want to make at once. Thus, you won't have to waste any more coffee beans. So, prepare as much coffee as you want and anywhere you want by getting one  pour-over coffee maker.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 pour-over coffee makers that you can purchase. But, before we move ahead, let's look at our top pick.

Bee House Ceramic Dripper: Our top pick

 Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Are you looking for a classing and best-designed pour-over coffee maker? If yes, the Bee House Ceramic dripper can be the perfect option for you. This coffee maker can be one of the best additions to your kitchen as it will give you the ability to drink as much coffee whenever you want. The best part about this maker is that it is not too large or too small. Thus, it can be a perfect option with a family of four people. Another amazing benefit of this pour-over coffee maker is that you can use any old standard cone filter with it. Thus, you don't have to spend any extra amount in getting a new filter cone.

You will get an evenly brewed coffee which will give you the new level of energy to start your day. So, get this product from Bee house to get the perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Here are the 5 Best Pour-Over Coffee Makers

1. Bee House Ceramic Dripper

This is one of the best pours over coffee makers that are manufactured in Japan. These ceramic drippers are available in two major sizes, one large and another small. If you want an in-house dripper that can help you get the best quality coffee. The best part about this dripper is that it offers a standard coffee cone filter with it. This ceramic dripper has the best shape, and it comes up with vertical ridges on the bottom half of the dripper, and it also includes two drip holes at the bottom.

The best part about this ceramic coffee machine is that it has the best quality wedges for better heat retention and more consistent contact between the coffee beans and the water.

The coffee you will get from this ceramic dripper will give you an evenly brewed coffee without any added effort or cost.

The main selling point of this coffee dripper is that it is easy to use, and it does not come up with any fancy technicalities that are offered by different other brands of the pour-over coffee maker.

The beautiful design and the easy to use a feature of the bee house ceramic dripper will provide you with maximum predictability and consistency. Not only this, but this beautiful ceramic coffee maker can also be one of the most beautiful additions to your kitchen.


  • Available with a flat bottom which offers best pouring technique
  • Design of the maker is simple and intuitive
  • Offers a consistent taste of coffee
  • Easy to use
  • No fancy technicalities


  • The ceramic body may seem fragile to some buyers.

2. Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

This wave series of coffee makers from Kalita is one of the premier coffee makers available in the market at present. The unique design of this pour-over coffee maker has a combination of flat bottom bed and a wave design at the down of the filter. This coffee machine also includes three holes at the dripping system. When all these features are combined together, it will offer you the perfect brewing condition.

You don’t have to go towards lots of technical details when you are thinking about using this dripper by Kalita. You don’t have to get to know a lot when you are thinking about getting a good cup of coffee from this dripper.

All you need to know is to simply grind the coffee beans and put it inside the coffee maker and voila, it will do everything that’s needed. This model is available in different variations like ceramic, glass, and steel. Thus, you can choose any medium you want out of these designs and material.

One of the best parts about this coffee maker is that it won't cost you millions of dollars to buy this coffee maker. It is available at less than $100, and it will provide you with a perfect cup of coffee every morning. The coffee maker is so easy to use that even beginners will face no problem in getting the best cup of coffee.

The best part about this machine is that it is the perfect piece for beginners and experts alike. You don't need any prior experience in making coffee if you want to use this pour-over coffee maker by Kalita.


  • Easy design
  • Good and innovative design
  • Can be used easily by beginners
  • Available in a different variation


  • You have to buy filter papers to use this.

3. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Bodum pour-over coffee maker is one of the best products you can get to be used as a multi-serve dripper that can easily serve up to 34oZ per pot of coffee. This is one of the best options of coffee machines you can get if you don't want to grind and brew coffee beans each time you want to have a cup of coffee.

This maker is pretty simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to add coffee in it, pour some water on the beans in a circular manner and make sure that all coffee grounds are soaked easily. Within a few minutes, the coffee will get brewed easily, and it will be ready to be drunk.

This is in-built with filters, and it ensures that no essential oils are removed from the coffee grounds. This amazing coffee maker machine helps you in getting an intense and flavorful cup of coffee. It will provide you with an option to get strong and flavorful coffee right out of your kitchen. Thus, stop wasting dollars on purchasing a cup of coffee from cafes and restaurants and get best quality coffee at the convenience of your home.


  • Affordable option
  • Can make more than one cup of coffee at once
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Built with filters
  • You don't need to buy additional filters.


  • You may need to wash filters at regular intervals.

4. Tanners Ceramic Coffee Makers

If you are looking for a pour-over coffee maker, the Tenors ceramic coffee maker can be one of the perfect choices for you. The cone dripper of this ceramic coffee machine allows you to take control of the pour and gives you the most amazing cup of coffee at the convenience of your home.

Since the coffee maker is made up of ceramic material, it can easily absorb the extra heating, and thus, you will get a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee in seconds. The handle of this machine remains cold, and thus, you don't have to worry about getting burnt or facing any kind of discomfort while preparing coffee.

The dripper of the coffee maker is also provided at the correct angle so that the water can flow evenly and you can get an even and full brew of coffee. The coffee maker is available with a large extraction hole that helps you to control the flow and the speed of the brew. Thus, by using this pour-over coffee maker, you are in control over the taste and the strength of the coffee.

While the coffee maker seems easy to use, people who have not used any kind of coffee machine initially may find it a bit difficult. It is important to have a proper understanding of how the coffee grind can affect the strength and flavour of the coffee.

The fast extraction process will help you in getting the full taste of the coffee you prepare. The Tanors coffee dripper is one of the perfect options for people who have a proper understanding of how to brew coffee and all other steps and processes involved.


  • Prepares a delicious cup of coffee
  • Affordable option
  • Easy to use
  • You are in control of taste and the strength of coffee when you are using this coffee maker
  • Best designed 


  • Not best suited for beginners

5. Chemex Classic Coffee Maker

This is known as the most renowned and pristine coffee maker in the world of coffee making. The Chemex Classic coffee makers use all chemically correct ways to get the perfect cup of coffee. The best part about the Chemex Classic Coffee maker is that it is entirely made up of glass and it can add a beautiful look to your kitchen.

The design of these coffee machines is like an hourglass, and it is made up of an inert material that does not absorb any type of colour or odour of the coffee you are making. One of the best features that all customers liked about the Chemex Classic pour over Maker is that it does not include any moving parts, and thus, it won't get broken easily. In fact, it won't get broken unless someone tries to demolish it in real life.

Chemex comes up with several other designs of the coffee machine, and we found this to be the best amongst them. Although this coffee machine is not cheap, it offers the value for the price offered.

The glass jar design of this beautiful coffee maker also features a wooden collar that prevents you from getting burned while you are pouring coffee. You don't have to worry about the cleanliness process of this coffee machine as the attached wooden collar can be detached pretty easily, and you can easily clean the coffee maker.


  • Can brew up to 8 cups of coffee at a single time
  • This is one of the most renowned brands in manufacturing coffee machines
  • Makes great coffee without affecting the quality and taste
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • No, wait and no fuss while preparing coffee
  • Durable material
  • Great design adds beauty to your kitchen.


  • You have to use Chemex branded filter paper to prepare coffee, and the Chemex filter paper can seem too expensive to some users.

Factors to consider when purchasing a  pour over coffee maker

Different factors need to be considered when you are thinking about purchasing a pour-over coffee maker. If you are new to this world of coffee making by using the coffee maker at home, you need to pay attention to all these points.

Aesthetic appeal

Many people won't agree with this point, but the aesthetic appeal is one of the most important factors that you can't miss to pay attention to. A newly purchased coffee machine will certainly add beauty to your kitchen. In addition to this, you may want to get attention and praise from people who visit your place about the quality and the look of the coffee maker.

If you never had a coffee maker in your kitchen, you certainly need to pay attention to the aesthetic appeal of the coffee machine. If you are confused about which material of coffee maker you should choose, ceramic and glass coffee machines can be the perfect option. You should also check the shape and design of the coffee maker so that you can pour coffee conveniently.

Brew control ability

It is also important to know about the brew control ability when you are thinking about getting the perfect cup of coffee. Try to go for a coffee machine that comes up with a flat bottom with two small holes that can prevent the water from tumbling through. Thus, the coffee maker will help you in getting perfect extraction. In addition to this, it is also important to get a coffee machine that can offer you the perfect control so that you can get the perfect brewing option. Thus, look at buying the best pouring technique, you are free to focus on different aspects like grind technique and water temperature.

Ease of use

Other major criteria that you need to consider are the ease of use of the coffee maker. The coffee machine should not involve different technicalities which may lead to problems in pouring the coffee. While different types of manual drippers may punish you for every mistake that you make, the pour-over coffee maker is easy to use. Try to look for a coffee maker that comes up with a flat bottom as it is more reliable as compared to other manual drippers. Look for a machine that is predictable as well as dependable. All you need to worry about when using a coffee machine is to focus on the coffee grind and the water temperature. The rest of the work should be done by the coffee machine itself. Thus, look for a coffee machine that is pretty simple and easy to use.


Price is another important factor that you must consider while purchasing a coffee maker. Try not to overspend on purchasing a pour over coffee machine. Decide about how much you can spend on purchasing the best quality coffee machine. There are numerous brands of coffee machines that come at a hefty price. But, you should choose the best one that is affordable as well as easy to use. Compare the prices of the different machines and choose the best option. 


Most coffee makers these days come up with reusable filters and filter papers. The filter paper may become too expensive, and thus, it is important to go for a coffee maker that comes up with reusable filters. The reusable filters offer the best tasting coffee as they don't extract the natural oil from the coffee. Thus, you will get creamy textured coffee right at the comfort of your home by using the reusable filter coffee maker.


Q. What ratio of coffee and water should be used in a pour-over coffee maker?

A. The best ratio for preparing coffee in a pour-over coffee maker is to use the ratio of 17:1 if you measure by weight. You should always use a scale to get the best ratio of coffee and. The ratio of coffee and water can determine a lot about the taste of the coffee. Thus, pay attention to the ratio. For people who don't have a weighing or measurement tool handy, they can use 1-2 tablespoon of coffee for every six ounces of water.

Q. What grind size coffee should be used?

A. You will get the best coffee shots by using the medium grind coffee. If you use the fine grind as you use in preparing espresso, it won't be able to filter it through. In addition to this, the entire process will be messy. On the other hand, if you are using too coarse grind, your coffee brew will be under-extracted, and you won't get the best tasting cup of coffee. Thus when you are looking for the perfect grind size of the coffee, it is advisable to go for something that is between the size of the table salt and sea salt.

Q. Do you need any other equipment to prepare coffee by using a coffee machine?

A. Technically speaking, you don't need any additional equipment when you want to prepare the best cup of coffee by using a pour-over coffee maker. Some people may advise you to use the weighing machine and the gooseneck to get the perfect strength and consistency of the coffee. But, these are too much, and you can easily avoid these items when you are preparing the best cup of coffee.

Who doesn't like a cup of freshly brewed coffee? But, preparing the best cup of coffee is not as simple as it may seem. You have to get the best pour over coffee machine to get the best coffee shots. This article is written to act as a buying guide if you are thinking about purchasing a pour over maker. Thus, go through this article and look at the best options in the coffee machine. A coffee maker is one of the most important kitchen equipment that you need to have in your kitchen if you are a coffee lover.

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