Best Low Acid Coffee You should definitely try

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the entire world. It is estimated that nearly 95% of the world population consumes this beverage regularly. And, consumption of coffee starts with an average age of 16 years. The groggy morning of your day kick starts with only a few sips of the morning coffee. Not only because it can turn your disoriented start of the day to a pleasing one, but also, it has several health benefits. Many of us consume coffee to enjoy it benefits more primarily than to just start the day on a good side. So, in this article, we will talk about the 10 best low acid coffees which are of course a much healthier option.

Lifeboost Coffee - Our #1 Pick

lifeboost medium roast coffee
  • It is certified 100% pesticide-free and organic.
  • The acid levels are very low.
  • Tastes amazing.

Out of the list of 10 best low acid coffees, Lifeboost coffee is our top pick. Well, it’s not easy to attain the top position, but with the features and goodness of Lifeboost, there can be no other better coffee. Lifeboost low acid coffee is the perfect blend of health and taste that anyone could ask for. Let’s dig deeper and know more.

But, are we enjoying all the benefits this wonderful nectar offers? Or, we are lacking some of the important information here? It is definitely known to us that caffeine, nicotine, alcoholic beverages are considered acidic. However, we forget that coffee is also a caffeine-rich drink. Hence, it can also cause acidic reactions such as acid reflux in your stomach. Yes, a standard brew of the coffee may contain 30 different acids. That is a lot of acids for our sensitive stomach. But, the good news is that there are low acid coffee beans available in the market, that too at an affordable price. 

10 Best Low Acid Coffee To Enjoy

Let us take a look at the below mentioned coffees available in the market and learn a few things about them.

1. Lifeboost Coffee Organic Medium Roast:

If we say that Lifeboost coffee completely satisfies its name, trust us, we’re not exaggerating. Every step in the process of making this low acid coffee to give the client’s happiness in that fresh sip of coffee is carefully curated. Owning the entire coffee plantation, Lifeboost holds the complete authority in producing the coffee from start to end, which helps in maintaining the quality and eliminating the excess price. They believe in farm to home, and they strictly follow it.

This Nicaraguan coffee could be the healthiest choice of yours. The beans of this brand of coffee are washed by local farmers with pristine and chemical-free spring water. Then, it is dried in the clean sunlight. On the pH scale, The pH level of this coffee can be as low as 6 as compared to water whose pH level is 7. So, this coffee is definitely not giving you any uncomfortable side effects. 


  • 100% chemical-free to procure health and taste in one pack.
  • Fairly traded from single-origin owned coffee plantations to reduce the interaction of the middle man and cut down the compromise on quality.
  • Free shipping on all orders above $50 and easy refunds.


  • Do not produce the coffees from various regions which might disappoint coffee lovers.
  • Little expensive than regular coffee. $35-$55 for a coffee is not such an affordable thing.

2. Puroast Coffee 

It is the cheapest low acid coffee in the market. The makers of this dark coffee roast are looking to make a roast of distinct taste qualities while they mistakenly yet remarkably stumbled upon a brew with low acidity. However, they did succeed in making their coffee savoury, rich, and smooth also. It offers 70% lesser acidity than other competitors and is therefore, quite friendly with pH scale, while offering 5 times higher antioxidants content. You can check its price here. Let us know about the pros and cons of this fantastic brew also.


  • 70% less acid contents as compared to standard coffee.
  • 5% Higher in antioxidant contents than other standard coffees.
  •  Kosher options available.
  • Backed by scientific research.


  • Some may find the brew bitter or bland flavored.
  • Pre-grounded bags of the coffee might go stale.

3. Java Planet Organic Coffee

When low acid products mostly offer dark roast, this product is a great choice for those looking for a low acid product with a lighter roast. This product offers a medium roast to appeal to all the palates. The most wonderful thing about this brand is that it mentions the roast date in every bag. This helps you know in a precise way about the freshness of the beans.


  • They offer different varieties of the coffee ranging from
  • medium to very dark.
  • To ensure freshness, they label roast dates on their packages.
  • Pesticide-free Arabica beans.
  • Certified for bird-friendliness.


  • The flavour might taste bland or muted in lighter roasts of the brand.
  • The pre-ground roast and dark roast is not available.

4. Mommee Coffee

This is a boon for women going through all stages of child-bearing. The brand offers the most suitable low acid coffee of women trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Usually, pregnant women are advised to keep caffeine intake in check because the stomach can be sensitive at that time. So, the maker of this coffee, who was pregnant while formulating it, processes the beans with water to avoid the usage of harsh chemicals during decaffeination. This best quality organic coffee is also approved by the USDA. 


  • The brand offers its beans in different ranges as per the caffeine content.
  • Decaffeinated without any harsh chemicals.
  • The low acid coffee is particularly low in acid-reflux causing agents known as chlorogenic acid.
  • CONS

  • It is one of the most expensive low acid varieties on the list.
  • It might give a burnt-like taste due to its dark roast with low acid content. 
  • 5. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

    The Arabica beans of this brand are sourced from Guatemala and Ecuador. They also offer blended options such as Matcha Green Tea, Goji berry powder, and Rooibos Red Tea. These blends are offered due to their range of benefits from antioxidants to a long-lasting energy boost. 


    • It contains more antioxidants than pure coffee.
    • The blends offer different health benefits apart from low acid levels.
    • It is available as pre-ground or as a whole bean variant.


    • Due to the blending options, this coffee is pricier than other pure coffees available.
    • The blends can prove to be unenjoyable for big coffee fans.

    6. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee Blend 

    This is one of the top low acid coffee brands and is well-known for supplying some of the finest gourmet and less acidic coffees. The brand offers a large variety of whole bean options that are acquired from the best coffee growing regions from all over the world. But, this coffee is considered to be grown on volcanic growing soil. The name of the brand is also derived from the volcano because it offers the beans while being grown on the rich, volcanic growing soil.


    • High-quality Arabica beans from regions like Brazil and Sumatra.
    • The low acid blend is not only gentle on the stomach but also impressively fully flavored at the same time.
    • The beans are roasted by the brand only after you place your order. Thus, freshness is guaranteed.


    • Some may find the blend undesirable as compared to pure, single beans.
    • The taste is unpredictable with a blend. 

    7. Volcanica Komodo Dragon Coffee

    Another of the most renowned low acid coffee brands. The islands of Indonesian Komodo and Flores are well-known for their volcanic soil. The brand sources its coffee beans from there to offer notably low acid coffee which is an attribute accentuated from the processing method. They offer their product at a reasonable price with flavor profiles like Chocolate, Woody, and Floral notes.


    • A flavorful low acid coffee.
    • The purity of the coffee beans is different from other famous blends.
    • Affordable prices.


    • Some would find its taste a bit bland.

    8. Counter Culture Big Trouble Coffee

    This low acid coffee offered by yet another of the most famous low acid coffee brands are sourced from small cooperatives of Nicaragua. The flavorful coffee offers different blends, such as caramel, nuts, and chocolate. The bright and light blends of the beans are quite appealing. It has many origins in place of a single origin. 


    • The brand offers only freshly roasted beans.
    • The beans are always of the current season of the order.
    • The acid content is notably low.


    • The nutty flavor of the coffee might be undesirable for some coffee fans.
    • The beans might be from several origins instead of a single origin.

    9. Puroast Mistletoe Mocha Coffee

    The brand offers coffee which is as low as 50% in acid contents as compared to the standard coffee. These low acid beans of coffee are USDA organic certified. The beans are cleaned without the use of any harsh chemicals and are roasted with great care to prevent altering the bean in any way possible. The brand’s coffee is based on extensive research and coffee tasting to provide us with the flavorful coffee.


    • The coffee is certified to be organic and; makers do not use any harsh chemicals to decaffeinate the beans.
    • The coffee is formulated after extensive research and reviews from the customers.
    • The roasting technique is remarkable and does not alter the beans.


    • The coffee might seem tasteless due to low acid content.
    • Earth-flavored coffee is often not enjoyed by standard coffee fans.

    10. Java Planet Colombian Organic Coffee

    This coffee is sourced from the antioxidant soil of Colombia. A low acid coffee should be free from toxins, chemicals, acids, or any oils that irritate the stomach. This is only possible when the soil is pure and the cleansing technique is good. The brand offers all these qualities in their product. The Colombian unprocessed wildland where this coffee is sourced, is rich in antioxidants and pure. This brand does not use any chemical to reduce the caffeine content of the product.


    • A completely organic coffee brand.
    • The beans are intense in flavor yet mild acidic.
    • Quite aromatic than other brands.


    • The flavor notes could be surprising and for some, distasteful.
    • The brew cannot be paired with meals or complex snacks. 

    Buyer’s Guide for choosing the best low acid coffee beans

    When it comes to coffee, everyone wants the same boosting flavor but without any stomach problems. On a higher side, the acid content can be lowered in caffeinated beverages, but, on the lower side, the acid content cannot be completely eradicated. This is why several brands are offering low acid coffee rather than no acid coffee. They are working extensively to research ways through which acid content increases in the coffee and finding ways to eradicate the methods that add extra acid to the coffee. Let us take a look at a few tips on how to choose the best low acid coffee.

    1. A brand offering low acid content in the beans should be using Arabica beans only. Or, they might use Arabica beans more than other beans.
    2. The most appealing low acid coffee grows in low elevation. This reduces the flavors but it also successfully reduces the acid content in the brew.
    3. Most of the low acid coffee brands would prefer adding some extra blends or flavor notes to shield the flavor of the coffee caused by low acid content.  
    4. Coffee farming practices are ethical.
    5. Organic coffee beans are less acidic than others.
    6. The farming process of the coffee beans should exclude the use of any kind of pesticide, insecticide, or other chemicals.
    7. The soil on which coffee is farmed could be unprocessed. Or, processed through natural manures only.
    8. The cleansing technique of the coffee beans should be completely chemical-free.
    9. The coffee beans need to be dried in natural ways.
    10. The more flavorful coffee beans would be dried under direct sunlight.
    11. Some brands can dry their beans in shade also.

    These few methods are of utter importance to reduce the acid level in the coffee. The brands usually know this as they are the ones who discovered these methods. However, some sellers might not be in ethical practices and sell at higher prices. So, knowing these tips can help you to buy the best coffee.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What is the ethical farming technique?

    A: The ethical farming technique comprises many practices. Firstly, the soil of farming should be naturally processed or unprocessed. Secondly, the farming technique should exclude the use of any chemicals such as growth hormones, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, etc. Thirdly, the beans should be dried naturally and properly.

    Q: Why are Arabica beans so important in low acid coffee?

    A: This is because the Arabica beans contain low chlorogenic acid. And, it requires more careful pest control for organic farming. Also, the Arabica plans are self-pollinating so the chances of using chemicals while cross-pollination also decrease drastically.

    Q: How do you make coffee less acidic?

    A: If we look at nature, then it does not provide very high acid content in its fruits. The farmers use harsh chemicals to fight environmental factors like insects. Also, chemical manure is used to improve the natural fruit-bearing capacity of the trees. And, harsh chemicals are used to cleanse the fruits to make them look cleaner and prettier. But, nowhere it is said that cleaner and prettier foods are good for health. The organic farming methods eliminate all the chemical usages and provide us with fruits as it is provided to them by nature.

    Q: What is the cleansing technique?

    A: The cleansing technique is not only used for a coffee bean but for every food we eat. The primary cause of using the cleansing technique is to find and omit damaged fruits. And, it is used to remove soil, dirt, etc. from the fruits. Many food processors, as well as farmers, use chemical cleansers because they are cheap and make the product look prettier. However, these harsh chemicals are absorbed by the fruit and come inside our bodies after ingestion.

    Q: Which roast of coffee is the least acidic?

    A: Dark roast coffee is the least acidic.

    There are many whose morning is not complete without a cup of coffee. But, their bodies find it difficult to tackle the acid content or sometimes an acid reflux that comes with the cup of coffee. On one hand, a cup of coffee can make your day, while on the other hand, the acid content in a cup of morning coffee can ruin your day. So, the manufacturers of several brands are launching products with low acid content. This way, coffee lovers can start their day without worrying about the discomforts of the stomach that could happen later in the day.

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