10 Best Decaf Coffee Variants with Impressive Taste, Aroma, and Smooth Texture: Top Picks, Reviews, and Detailed Buying Guide

Are you planning to ditch caffeine without compromising on the Coffee aroma, flavor, and smoothness of texture?

Are you deliberately keeping your coffee intake to a minimum, to avoid the ill-effects of caffeine?

If the answer to both these questions is a yes, it’s time to consider the most appropriate alternative in the market, i.e. the Decaf Coffee.

When it comes to taste, regular coffee is irreplaceable. However, caffeine, a potent stimulant, is present in most coffee variants, often in extreme proportions. Therefore, for someone who wants to keep enjoying his or her morning brew without letting the caffeine get into the system, decaf coffees are the most plausible choices.

Our Top Pick: Lifeboost Decaf Coffee!

Although there are many decaf coffee brands in the market, Lifeboost comes across as the most credible option, courtesy of an extensive taste profile, exceptional texture, and a host of features, including:

  • Single-origin coffee
  • Harvested at a higher elevation
  • Follows the fair trade policy
  • Specialty Arabica beans for decaf
  • Available as medium roast and dark roast
  • Certified organic
  • Decaffeinated without using chemicals

While these are only some of the highlights of the Lifeboost coffee, it readily scales above other brands, courtesy of the full-bodied taste and shade-grown coffee beans which helps them retain the moisture for an extended period.

Are there good decaf coffees in the market?

Not all decaf coffees are grown, harvested, or processed similarly. The best decaf coffee is the one which is certified organic and uses natural processes to reduce the caffeine content, without resorting to chemical solvents. In most cases, the best decaf coffee follows a streamlined and chemical-free, decaffeination process.

In the next few sections, we shall take a closer look at the best decaf coffee choices in the market, as reviewed by our panel of 30 experts. Each coffee brand was analyzed by three experts, just to ensure a bias-free evaluation. Be it bean coffee or packaged ground coffee, our experts evaluated each product, based on decaffeinated methods, flavors, nature of roasting, taste, aroma, and the heaviness of profile.

Here are the Best Decaf Coffee Brands 

Our experts have enlisted 10 high-quality decaf coffee brands that have been attracting a lot of positive attention. We evaluate each decaf brand by featuring highlights, detailed descriptions, and the associated hits and misses. In the end, our experts will recommend the most effective coffee drinking practices, associated with the concerned brand, just to make sure you explore the full potential of the product.

1. Lifeboost Coffee

Life boost decaf coffee


  • Zero pesticide harvesting
  • Mycotoxin level at par with the FDA recommendation
  • Customized Packaging
  • Nicaraguan Lineage
  • Comes in medium and dark roast variants

If you are looking for one of the best decaf coffee in the market, in terms of taste and genuineness, it is advisable to go with Lifeboost. Unlike some of the self-proclaimed decaf coffee best brands, Lifeboost marks its supremacy by using special, shade-based harvesting strategies.

The coffee beans associated with this brand retain their moisture long-after harvesting and processing. Most importantly, the fair trade certified organic approach easily readily guarantees the quality and security of the farmers.

When it comes to taste, there aren’t many products in the market that can match up to the quality of the Lifeboost. The company uses the Swiss Water process to eliminate the caffeine, in a natural and non-invasive manner. This process keeps the sweetness intact while even preserving the associated aromatic oils. This decaf is mildly acidic and therefore helps pop the best possible flavors and taste profiles.


  • Naturally decaffeinated coffee
  • Swiss water method preserves flavors and the full body texture
  • Shade-grown, high quality
  • CONS

    • Higher price

    Expert Recommendation:  Try and use a concentrated form by grinding the beans to perfection. Wait for the caramel and chocolate notes to rise out of the concoction.

    2. No Fun Jo Decaf


    • Medium and dark roasting processes are used
    • Round and smooth coffee beans
    • Certified organic coffee
    • Excellent taste profiles

    One of the best variants of green coffee in the market, Jo Decaf is all about perfection and brilliant taste despite no flavorings being added to the beans. The company sources the best quality coffee that belongs to the best 2 percent variants in the world. When it comes to processing, the rigorous analysis focused roasting, and cuppings add special fragrance to the final product.

    The Jo coffee takes the central and South American culture to a whole new level courtesy of the added bean brightness. Next in line is the Swiss Water method that readily eliminates most of the caffeine for individuals who aren’t interested in consuming a stimulant with their coffee.

    Despite the non-flavoring, the taste notes are remarkable with this product featuring milk chocolate, sweet, and even blueberry undertones. Not just that, the coffee trading process is extremely fair and at par with the organic standards.


    • Exceptional taste profiles
    • Smooth texture
    • 100 percent Arabica
    • Brilliantly sourced


    • Lightly roasted coffee as compared to other brands

    Expert Recommendation: Despite being one of the best-tasting coffees, you need some additional quantity of the same due to the light roasting presence.

    3. French Roasted Coffee Sumatra


    • Follows environmentally sustainable trading practices
    • Coffee blend with Robusta and Arabica beans
    • Medium roast decaf coffee beans

    Decaf coffees are rarely strong and robust but a single cup of this product is expected to change perceptions. Despite being a  decaf blend and using mountain water for decaffeinating the coffee, this variant comes across with a big body and velvety texture.

    What stands out is the roasting process as unlike the more light roasted variants, the medium roast feels extremely heavy and more like regular coffee with a much better taste. It’s also a Sumatran coffee, best known for the eccentric taste profiles.

    When it comes to flavors and aroma, it is the earthy tone that stands out followed by the creamy taste profile and the classic notes which are reminiscent of the baker’s chocolate. However, despite featuring such an extensive profile, this product doesn’t feature any preservative, chemical, flavoring agents, and additives.


    • Lowest possible carbon footprint courtesy of the ‘Smart Roaster’ technology
    • An environmentally-focused roasting facility
    • Comes with organic certification


    • Comes in a large 2-pound packet
    • Sumatran earthiness can put off certain coffee lovers

    Expert Recommendation: The taste profile and earthy aroma might not cater to every individual and therefore taste-based discretion is required.

    4. Volcanica Coffee- Tarrazu


    • Shade-grown coffee
    • Retail supports diverse charitable programs
    • Certified by the rainforest alliance

    The Volcanica coffee has a Costa Rican lineage, a country that is already famous for producing some of the best regular coffee in the world. When it comes to production, the company sources some of the best coffee beans from select farming partners. The Swiss water processing expertise shows up yet again and makes way for a coffee variant that is 99.9 percent decaffeinated.

    When it comes to taste and aroma, it is the minimalistic flavor that stands out from the rest. The smoothness of texture is always present, regardless of the brewing techniques. Moreover, the cleaner taste doesn’t mean that the robustness is compromised as this is one of the few full-bodied products, in the decaf category.

    The well-balanced flavors, clubbed with a lively texture make sure that you do not miss the caffeine. When it comes to the taste notes, dark chocolate accents show up while brewing, making this brand a perfect dessert ally. Most importantly, the low acidity of the same makes sure that his coffee is easy on the stomach


    • Gourmet coffee with toasty accents
    • Flavor notes include dark chocolate and fresh apple
    • Low acidity


    • Not suitable for those who prefer some sort of morning buzz

    Expert Recommendation: Consider buying the whole bean variant instead of the pre-ground version if you want to experience every flavor note. The latter, however, comes in handy for commercial usage that concerns drip makers, espresso grinds, and French press.

    5. Kicking Horse-Decaf Coffee


    • Dark roast decaf variant
    • Sourced beans from South America
    • Certified organic
    • Features Kosher and Fair Trade Certification

    Kicking horse coffee, without a doubt, is one of the best decaf coffee variants in the market, featuring dark roast blends. This product is perfect for individuals who are only looking to cut down on their caffeine consumption without compromising on the taste and full body flavors.

    The horse coffee, despite being caffeine-free, isn’t anything less than robust. The delicious taste and mellowed texture don’t allow you to feel out of place, despite letting the stimulant go. Moreover, despite hailing from central and South America, this is probably the only credible fair trade brand that is processed and roasted in Canada.

    Kicking Horse is one brand that has garnered a lot of attention due to the strength of the caffeinated beans. However, the decaf version isn’t a let-down courtesy of the innovative taste notes, including cacao nibs, dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and even brown sugar.


    • Deep and dark profile despite being a decaf
    • 100% organic decaf
    • Exceptionally good packaging
    • Decaffeinated coffee that use the swiss water technique 


    • Only the bigger, 2.2lb packs are available

    Expert Recommendation: This is one of the best decaffeinated coffees to be considered for commercial usage due to the excellent aroma. The Kicking horse coffee works best in hot water and cold brews alike and with drip machines.

    6. Koffee Kult


    • Colombian Decaf
    • Cent percent Arabica coffee beans
    • Gourmet coffee
    • Processed in Florida

    Specialty grade Arabica beans are hard to get, especially if you are looking for a stim-free variant. The Koffee Kult decaf version is one such option that is best known for the start-of-art roasting process, whilst taking smaller batches at once. The green beans associated with this product are high in antioxidants and vitamins.

    The chemical-free process for extracting caffeine out is high-end and renders a floral finish to the texture of this Colombian decaf brew. Despite retailing as a medium roast, this product is all about showing the bolder taste profile and velvety flavors.

    When it comes to flavors and aroma, Koffee Kult is all about dark chocolate clubbed with hints of cinnamon and raisin. What stands out is the smooth texture of this decaf which doesn’t interfere with the basic and even some of the more complex pairings. 


    • Full body decaf brew
    • Bolder flavors
    • Small batch roasting ensures top-notch quality


    • Pricier than most
    • Not fair trade certified
    • Not completely organic

    Expert Recommendation: Due to the cinnamon and raisin-centric taste profiles, this coffee shouldn’t be paired with anything sweet, provided you want to explore the profiles in their entirety.

    7. Koa Coffee


    • Decaf Kona Coffee
    • Hawaiian Lineage
    • Uses swiss water process to decaffeinate
    • Medium roast

    Here is a pure Kona coffee variant that doesn’t disappoint even when the stimulant has been removed using the water decaf process. Produced and harvested in the Hawaiian Isles, Koa coffee deservedly features in the list of 10 Best decaf variants. Moreover, the coffee beans, before being processed, are grown at a higher elevation and in controlled sunshine. While the flavor might not be as bold and impactful as the kicking horse decaf, you still get a lot of robustness out of a single cup.

    The handpicked coffee beans follow the best roasting technique which makes way for a heavenly aroma and non-bitter taste profiles. The medium roast, despite being free of caffeine, feels great to the senses. Moreover, if you aren’t reliant on the kick or the morning buzz, this Arabica decaf coffee doesn’t feel a lot different as compared to the conventional organic variants.

    If you are emphasizing more on the taste instead of an overpowering aroma, this is the perfect product to invest in. As experts, we understand how effective and tasteful Kona Coffee can be and this product leverages the decaffeinated version of the same for pairing with dinner treats or select desserts.


    • Delicious
    • Directly sourced from Hawaii
    • Follows swiss water process
    • Shiny beans


    • Pricier than usual

    Expert Recommendation: Due to its fantastic taste profile, you only need to add a small amount of the ground coffee to hot water for experiencing the aroma and all the aromatic indulgences associated with the medium roast.

    8. Coffee Bros.


    • Top-of-the-line packaging
    • 100 percent Arabica coffee beans
    • Columbian origin

    A majority of single-origin coffees cost a fortune which isn’t the case with the Coffee Bros. While the company guarantees the freshest possible decaf variant, the Acetate-induced process to remove the stimulant might not cater well to the health-conscious.

    When it comes to the texture, there is a lot of smoothness to account for. The flavors are rich and bold whereas the taste profiles reek of nuts, citrus undertones, chocolate notes, and fruits. Despite a full body profile, there is no bitter aftertaste associated with the same. Therefore, if you are interested in the dark and medium roast coffee, this is the perfect brand to purchase the decaf from.

    The best thing about this single-origin decaf coffee is that the packaging on display comes across as the best in business. The company removes oxygen and therefore makes way for a vacuum-sealed pack. Therefore, despite the transit, the coffee can stay fresh for almost 3 months.


    • Heavy mouthfeel
    • Taste preservation after decaffeination
    • Brighter beans due to volcanic remnants present in the soil
    • One of the better tasting decaf in the market


    • Doesn’t use swiss water process to extract the stimulant out

    Expert Recommendation: The flavored profile makes it a great choice for pairing along with desserts where you want the essence and aroma of coffee without opting for the stimulating effect.

    9. Café Don Pablo


    • Non-GMO certified Product
    • Available in medium dark roast
    • Extracted out of naturally occurring beans

    The decaf coffee from Cafe don pablo is all about perfection as the brand takes pride in using the best technologies for extracting decaffeinated coffee from the natural beans. The experts associated with this firm follow the drink and produce approach which allows them to ascertain the preferences of the coffee lovers.

    Cafe don pablo also emphasizes a lot on the choice of the whole bean. Every bean is hand-picked and checked for impurities before being delivered to the processing firm. This is where the stimulant is extracted out using the swiss water process for rendering the regular coffee, willfully decaf.

    Despite the low acidity, the flavors and taste profiles are excellent. When it comes to the taste, it is the mild Colombia Supremo that flaunts citrus notes and a nutty aftertaste. There is a hint of sweetness that gives a special feel to the finished coffee bean. Moreover, there is a shine to the existing beans courtesy of the small-batch roasting principle used by Cafe don pablo which eventually results in optimal freshness levels.


    • Features 100 percent Arabica beans
    • Decaffeinated using the swiss water technique
    • Grown in the volcanic soil
    • Top-notch dark roast sans caffeine
    • Single source of growth and packaging


    • Not meant for the caffeine lovers
    • Pricey

    Expert Recommendation: The citrus and caramel notes can be best enjoyed if the coffee is processed in coffee pods.

    10.  Coffee Bean Direct


    • Exceptional and diversified palate
    • High-quality coffee beans
    • No solvent approach towards processing

    Before we let our experts take over this discussion and finally review one of the best products on our list, it is important to consider the newest and costlier decaffeinating process that uses carbon dioxide as the base. Unlike the process involving swiss water or Ethyl acetate, carbon dioxide-specific decaf coffee comes with a better aromatic profile. Most importantly, this process completely removes the entire stimulant profile associated with the Arabica beans. Moreover, the beans are rich in texture and color whilst showcasing a brilliant sheen.

    When it comes to the taste profiles, this is one innovative coffee company that primarily exhibits chocolate, dried figs, and sugar cane as the go-to undertones. While the aroma is sweet, the bolder flavors do not end up in a bitter aftertaste. Moreover, the acidity is also on the lower side and therefore the product is easier on the stomach.

    The packaging on display is also innovative as the company has taken a lot of care to justify the premium price tag on its coffee. What stands out is that no solvents are used in the decaf process which readily keeps the flavor profile intact. Not just that, Robusta hasn’t been added into the mix; thereby keeping the product away from being a blend.


    • Brilliant taste palette
    • Weakly acidic and easy on the stomach
    • Pure Arabica decaf coffee


    • Exorbitant pricing

    Expert Recommendation: Due to the extensive taste-based undertones, it is advisable to pair the coffee with less empowering savories.

    What to Look for when Selecting the Best Decaf Coffee?

    Now what you have made up your mind about going caffeine-free, it’s time to understand the major traits of a good decaf coffee brand, before making the purchase. Removing caffeine from regular or organic coffee beans is what decaf is all about. Therefore, before selecting the right product, it is necessary to check for the caffeine-free tag, which is usually fixed at 97 percent for most brands. When it comes to ascertaining the caffeine content, based on one ounce of coffee, aim for the product that features less than one gram of caffeine.

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    You can make selections based on your caffeine tolerance or thereof the lack of it. Another aspect that you need to take into account is the caffeine extraction technique. If you are purchasing the coffee online, carefully look at the image which showcases the type of process. Generally, we don’t advise against carbon dioxide and the swiss water techniques but ask you to refrain from direct solvents.

    Also, opt for coffee beans that have been harvested and processed in shade-grown premises. The quality of the soil and the type of roasters also determine the shine and taste of the coffee beans. Last but not least, go with a company like Coffee Bros. that offers special packaging services, thereby keeping the freshness intact.

    Are there any Good Decaf Coffees, when it comes to robustness?

    Firstly, if you have been a caffeine addict for the better part of your life, decaf might not make a lot of sense, especially as your morning cup of coffee. However, if you are only seeking robustness or fullness of mouthfeel and looking to cut down on the caffeine, there are some good coffees to consider. Any whole bean coffee that comes in a vacuum bag is supposed to make a difference, especially when freshness is concerned. Moreover, the likes of No Fun Jo decaf and Kicking Horse are some of the best brands to consider, provided you are looking for a full-body taste profile and an aromatic presence.

    The mentioned coffee brands aren’t just good in terms of robustness but can help you amplify the daily nutrient consumption especially the anti-carcinogenic antioxidants. Therefore, if you are interested in reaping all the positive health-centric benefits of coffee while minimizing the caffeine to almost a negligible amount, decaf is the way to go.

    What is Decaf Coffee and why is it bad for you?

    Going decaf with the coffee is all about stripping the beans of the stimulant that might result in mental alertness. Moreover, the only way decaf can be bad for you, is if you are looking to consume coffee for mental alertness and the stimulant is necessary for better performances. While the antioxidant and vitamin conglomerate might be one of the many reasons for better mental clarity, caffeine is a necessity for athletes or bodybuilders, especially as a pre-workout supplement.

    Therefore, if you are looking for comparable levels of mental alertness and the morning buzz, decaf shouldn’t be in your list.

    What is the best tasting instant decaf coffee?

    There is a massive difference between a coffee lover and a caffeine addict. A coffee lover only emphasizes taste and therefore looks for the best-tasting variants in the market. Although there are many bean-centric coffees in the market, if you are looking for an instant decaf that tastes better than most, the Tarrazu from Volcanica is a pretty good choice.

    However, you can always opt for the pre-ground version of our topmost decaf coffee i.e. the Lifeboost coffee, courtesy of the sweeter after-taste, single-origin,extensive flavor profile, and aesthetic usage of the swiss water process for extracting decaffeinated coffee. 


    There are several decaf coffee versions in the market but if you are a coffee connoisseur, it is advisable to choose among the featured choices. While we did talk about the aspects that you need to take care of before making the purchase, the final selection is at your discretion. You can either opt for shade-grown coffee beans with certified fair trading if you aren’t worried about the costs or look for the more affordable, excellent tasting profiles by compromising on the organic certification or swiss water decaffeination process. The decaf coffee choice is directly related to budget, freshness timeline, availability, organic or not, and certainly the preferred aftertaste.

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